Posted: September 3, 2019

Medical Alert-Elem-Middle

Admin. of Medication (4)

Parent – ANAPHYLAXIS Implementation Guide


Parents please do NOT send any medication to school in your child’s backpack. Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Oliver

If your child has a life threatening illness such as Anaphaylaxis and/or requires the administration of medicine, please fill out the the attached forms.

ALL forms MUST be filled out to ensure their child gets the appropriate care.  Please note that one of the forms needs to be filled out by your childs Doctor.

Life-Threatening Allergies – We are nut aware.

We have students with life-threatening nut allergies in our school community. We cannot promise to be entirely nut free but we try to be as nut aware and careful as possible especially in homerooms of students with allergies

These students use the same books, computers, iPad, door handles etc. as students in every other class so it is a great help to everyone if we avoid bringing peanut products to school. We understand that peanut butter is a popular, economical and easy lunch for many kids but it can truly be deadly for some of our children here.

Students at our school have a variety of food allergies and they are careful not to eat food that has not come from their home. Parents often want to bring treats for birthdays or other events. Please check with the teacher first so that if there are allergies, arrangements can be made for an alternate treat for that child.