This Week at RBE – September 12, 2021

Posted: September 12, 2021


COVID-19 Notification Process

The Ministry of Education has informed the District of the COVID-19 Notification Process. The District will continue to follow the protocols as set out by Fraser Health to help keep our students and staff healthy and safe.

Here is what we can share with you now:

Public health will continue to prioritize schools for contact tracing. Public health will directly follow up with anyone identified as a COVID-19 case and determine if other students or staff were close contacts.

  • Close contacts are followed up with directly because they may be at greater risk of infection. They will be directly informed by public health if they need to take action, like self-monitoring or self-isolating.
  • People at school who are not close contacts are not at increased risk, so don’t need to take any additional actions beyond continuing to follow general public health recommendations.
  • In line with practices for other community settings and workplaces, school notifications to the broader school community, such as letters or exposure notices on regional health authority websites, will be used when public health deems them necessary to support contact tracing or outbreak management.
  • Public health continues to monitor transmission of COVID-19 across the province, with the latest data on COVID19 available from BCCDC.

Meet the Teacher

Last week, we showed this Wednesday as Meet the Teacher day. We have had to postpone that to next week so we can develop a workable, COVID-appropriate plan. Expect appointments in 20-minute windows that afternoon. Details will come out this week.

Drop-off & Pickup for Monday

We will meet in our colour-ticket lines one last time tomorrow. We will be moving into our permanent classes Monday morning, and students will have a notice Monday afternoon indicating their class placement. Please remember that class placements are the result of a long and careful process by teaching, support, and administrative staff. We work hard to provide optimal learning situations for all kids. We try to spread leadership out across all classes. We try to preserve social connections without creating distractions from the learning. We consider parent perspectives when we can, though that isn’t always possible. As all but three of our classes are sitting at the maximum size, movement between them will not be possible.

Don’t forget your masks

While parts of this year will look a lot more like the ‘normal’ days we all remember, parts will look like last year. The Ministry of Education and Public Health have ordered that all students from grades 4-12, all staff, and all visitors to the school will need to wear a mask when indoors. While we may not love this expectation, it is there for the protection of all in our school. The office will have masks for students who forget. Please join us in respecting these guidelines and in working together to protect our students and staff.

Parking Lot

We are returning to school with single drop-off and pick-up times. While we have fewer families from driving distance with us this year, we expect to see more traffic in the driveways. If at all possible, please walk to school, or park a few blocks away and walk the last bit. If you do drive, and you’re waiting for a vehicle to leave so you can park in that spot, and that vehicle doesn’t leave right away, keep going! There will be another spot or you can loop around. Waiting creates a dangerous jam of vehicles behind you. If you go back to your car and aren’t going to be leaving, please let that waiting driver know with a friendly wave. And if you are leaving, please do so as promptly as you can safely do so. Even in the parking lot (especially in the parking lot?) we’re all in this together, and courtesy and common sense go a long, long way towards keeping everybody safe and happy.

Accidents happen

Historically, families have been able to purchase additional accident insurance for their kids each year through a flyer sent home in the first week. This year, the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan is available online only, through the iA Financial Group. Click here for details.

COVID-19 Guidelines FAQ

Please click here to see the FAQ for the COVID-19 Guidelines we are to follow as school resumes.

Quote(s) of the week

Something to read (or watch)

  • While it’s true that I really like making words, sometimes I have to leave it to the professionals. Langley principal, Chris Wejr, wrote this thoughtful piece on combined (or split, or blended) classes. We do have a handful of those this year at RBE, and my greatest number of messages after we form classes relate to those. Will my kid be OK in a split class?
  • I remember not handling 9/11 very well as a relatively new teacher. (Sorry, Ted W., for shutting down your questions). I was definitely still trying to make sense of what I had seen on TV that morning before work. I sincerely hope that I’ll be better in the face of any crisis in the coming years. As a community, we take care of each other, even if we don’t agree on everything, or if we don’t really know what to do.

Things to remember from the calendar

Monday September 13

  • Line up in colour groups as last week
  • New classes formed.

Monday, September 20

  • First full day of kindergarten! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, September 22

  • Meet the Teacher – afternoon. Booking details coming soon, as appointments will be required.

Friday, September 24

  • School Improvement Day – Students do not attend