This Week at RBE – September 13, 2020

Posted: September 13, 2020


Respect Social Distancing

So on our orientation days last week, we noticed that the children in line were much better at respecting social distancing than the adults. If you are dropping off or picking up, please respect social distancing, even with adults who are ‘in your bubble’ away from the school. Young children who do not know you are still observing and taking their cues from what they see any adult do. If we work together as a community, we can help keep everybody safe and healty.

Health Check Forms

If you have not done so, please sign and return the Health Check Form with your child on Monday. This form is your confirmation that if your child is exhibiting symptoms, they will not come to school. It needs to be filled and signed ONCE and returned to the school. We suggest you keep a copy to help guide your daily checks. Staff undergo the same self-assessment daily. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our school community and beyond, it is critical that kids not come to school sick.

Communication from the school

We have sent frequent emails over the summer. These do not seem always to get through to all parents. Our investigation suggest that this might be a provincial-level challenge with the school administration system used to send these messages. One way to ensure that you receive these communications from the school is to subscribe to updates from this website, as we will place the same information here as we send by email. We also will place a link on the school facebook page. If you have not been receiving emails from Mr. Oliver via the ‘’ email, please use one of these methods for keeping tabs on what we’re sending. The email block is a challenge that we cannot resolve at the school level. What I really wish is that I could send a message saying, ‘Please email me if you didn’t receive this,’ but the logic just doesn’t work out.


Our driveways and parking lots present significant organizational challenges at the school. Please do not leave your car along the curb at drop off time. Drop & go only! With two waves of arriving students, social distncing will be impossible in the parking lot and between waves if cars are left parked. Park a couple of blocks away and walk the rest, if you must drive at all. At the end of the day, consider having older kids meet you well away from the doors (maybe younger children can learn this too). If you are going to park, do it away from the school and walk in. If we all commit to working on this together, we’ll be able to preserve and respect social distancing at our highest-traffic times.


Please note that school playgrounds are closed before and after school, to prevent cohort-mixing of students and to help preserve social distancing. When you arrive, please wait at the designated space to drop off, and leave the grounds once your child has come in. Kids who are old enough to go straight to their designated space without adult escort are encouraged to do so. When you pick your child up after school, please collect them and leave the school grounds, as we are working to keep social distancing as best we can. Also please note that the school grounds are closed for public use during the school day.

Quote(s) of the week

Something to read (or watch)

  • Here is a set of video FAQs from Fraser Health about COVID-19 and kids and schools. Thanks to the SD35 Communication Director for pointing us to these.
  • Math Anxiety is real. But you (and your kids) can overcome it! Here’s how.

The Calendar

Monday September 14

  • First Day of Kindergarten Gradual Entry – Welcome, kindies!
  • First full day for grades 1-5

Tuesday September 15

  • Getting into the groove

Wednesday September 16

  • Rocking and rolling

Thursday September 17

  • Learning, laughing, loving school

Friday September 18

  • (tentative) Socially Distanced Terry Fox Run (Smoke conditions permitting) One cohort at a time, so Mr. Oliver has to run all day!

Friday September 25

  • School Improvement Day – students do not attend.