This Week at RBE – September 20, 2020

Posted: September 20, 2020


Health Check Forms – updated

The Health Check form has been improved and translated. Please remember that every child needs a health check completed daily (you don’t need to redo the form every day, just make sure you’d answer ‘no’ to every question). Those forms are simpler than the originals, and have been translated. I also found the guidance on the new forms to be much more useful as a parent, they now include a ‘what to do if…’ section. Find the updated and translated forms here. Note: If you already signed and returned the first form, you DO NOT need to sign another; just follow the protocols and symptom list on the new form when you do your daily check before bringing your children to school.

Drop-off and Pick Up

Thank you to all parents and community members who work to get students to us safely each day. In order to keep everyone safe, and traffic moving, please keep the following in mind if you drive to school.

  1. Don’t drive if you can walk – it’s healthier and easier to stay distanced.
  2. Don’t drive onto the school property if you can park a block or two away and walk.
  3. If you must drive, teach your child how to get themselves out of the car, and into their line without you having to park the car at all. Drop & go. We have many supervisors outside before school, and so every child does not need their own adult bringing them right to the classroom door to be safe.
  4. Don’t leave your car double parked – it blocks traffic and eliminates social distancing as you get in and out of the car.
  5. SLOW DOWN! The speed limit in the driveways is 10 km/h. Many vehicles have been going much faster than that.

Some other things to remember:

  1. Maintain distancing between adults when dropping or picking up. Regardless of our own bubbles, or our own beliefs about the seriousness of the pandemic, the children are watching our example.
  2. If you are in the early wave (8:40-2:11, last names A-L), please leave as soon as your child is in line. It’s not that we don’t want to see you; we just need to clear the grounds for the next wave to arrive.
  3. If you are in the late wave (8:50-2:21, last names M-Z), do not arrive early. Our goal is to reduce social contacts throughout the process, and early arrivals create unnecessary congestion.
  4. Remember that school playgrounds are closed to all students immediately before and after school, and that all school grounds are closed to the public during the school day.
  5. At the end of the day, consider arranging a meeting place with your child (especially older ones) away from the building. In some districts, parents are required to meet their older children at the far end of the grounds to reduce crowding around the school. We do not want to go that far, but we do need to reduce crowding close to the building. Teach your child where to meet, and what to do if you are not there when expected (come to the office or ask a supervisor for help). Let the teacher know that your child will be meeting you, and that he or she can be dismissed to go there alone.
  6. If your child is old enough to walk home alone, have them do that. Again, let the teacher know that this is the plan. Children benefit from being responsible for themselves when appropriate, and from the sense of freedom walking independently gives them. There is a ‘permission to walk home’ form on its way.

Alternate drop-off or pickup locations for ‘special’ classes.

Some classes have Music, Physical Education or Library to start or end the day. In those circumstances, your child may have an alternate location for drop-off & pickup one or more times a week. Classroom teachers will inform families if this is the case, and within a week or two, your children will remind you where and when these will take place, even if you forget.

Notices from the office

Richard Bulpitt Elementary is continuing to work on being paperless; the following forms are required and need to be completed by September 30, 2020, you can find them on School Cash Online

      • Information Technology & Communications Systems
      • Communication from School
      • Parent Advisory Committee
      • Walk Home Permission
      • Walking Field Trip Permission
      • Media Release

Grade 1-5 Families – Student agendas are $6.00 and we are asking that parents/guardians please pay online  if you want to pay by cash or cheque, the you can come to the office between 8-330 to pay. If you do, though, please respect social distancing and limit to one family in the foyer at a time.

**If you have any concerns regarding the financial aspect of this, please contact the office

School Supplies

**If you have any concerns regarding the financial aspect of this, please contact the office

 Student Verification forms were sent home last week.  Please carefully read through the information and update any changes directly on the verification form.  We require a signed verification form at the start of each school year for every student even if all information is correct.

***Please note these forms were printed in advance and some parents have already provided the office with updated information that will not reflect on the form.

      • Are your emergency contacts correct?
      • Is the student’s address correct?
      • Are both parents addresses correct?
      • Email
      • Phone Numbers
        • Home, cell, work

Please return to your child’s teacher no later than Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Terry Fox Run

We will be having a socially distanced Terry Fox Run (1 learning group at a time) on October 8. Traditionally, this is a fundraiser for the Terry Fox Foundation. If students wish to participate in the fundraiser, they can set up an online fundraising site here. This year also has a new challenge from the foundation: What’s your 40? Think about your 40, and share it with your class!

Here’s another video to inspire you, too.


Please note that school playgrounds are closed before and after school, to prevent cohort-mixing of students and to help preserve social distancing. When you arrive, please wait at the designated space to drop off, and leave the grounds once your child has come in. Kids who are old enough to go straight to their designated space without adult escort are encouraged to do so. When you pick your child up after school, please collect them and leave the school grounds, as we are working to keep social distancing as best we can. Also please note that the school grounds are closed for public use during the school day.

Microsoft Teams

If you were with us last spring, you probably used MS Teams to connect with the school. We haven’t done much with it yet this year, but we will be. In fact, we’ll be using it to facilitate our Meet the Teacher event coming up on October 1.

It is important for students to change their password in MS Teams on a regular basis to avoid hacking issues. If you remember how to log in, have your children change their MS Teams password if they have not done so since March. At the END of September, IT will have an automatic password reset come up on any student’s account that has not had anew  password since March. 

Accident Insurance for Students

Accidents happen, and sometimes they can be costly. Families in our district have access to the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance program. Application is made online and you should find everything you need here.

Quote(s) of the week

PAC News

We would like to invite you to join our PAC Facebook group. It is a great resource to stay connected and informed about what is going on in our school and around our community. Find us by searching: Richard Bulpitt Elementary Parent Group.
Reach us at‬ for more information on how you can get more involved and volunteer at your school!


Please join us for our monthly meeting – on Zoom
Meeting ID: 442 619 0634
* Hear from the Principal
* Treasurer Report
* DPAC Report
* Fundraising Report

Something to read (or watch)

  • Since we can’t do everything, we should do what we can.

The Calendar

Monday September 21

  • PAC Meeting – 7pm via Zoom (link above)

Tuesday September 22

Wednesday September 23

Thursday September 24

Friday September 25

  • School Improvement Day – Students do not attend

Monday September 28

  • First full day of kindergarten!

Thursday, October 1

  • Meet the Teacher night. Virtual event. Details to come.

Wednesday, October 7

  • Individual Student Picture Day