Thursday & Friday arrival and pickup

Posted: September 8, 2021

Hello, RBE families.

I want to thank everyone who has been walking to school instead of driving. I have had nightmares about traffic as we move back to a single arrival time, and those have not come true. You are all doing a great job!

Based on this morning’s experience, when you arrive tomorrow, if your child is in grades 1-3, you’ll find signage either on the wall or on an orange post to guide where to line up (though they probably know without signs now). When you arrive, please do your best to send kids to the lineup and stay well back as parents/family members, rather than joining the line yourself. We want to keep things safe for all, and a bit more orderly if we can.

At pickup, please wait as far back as you can, and let classes get out to their pickup spots before calling your kids over. We like to have a staff member see exactly who is picking kids up, and that’s very difficult when the kids scoot off to a parent across the playground as soon as they see. If we can get all the kids out to their lineup spots before releasing any of them, we can keep them all safe and release them in as orderly a fashion as possible. Again, the further back from the crowd of students you can stay, the better and safer.

Finally, if you are leaving the playground towards Nature’s Walk to the south, it would be really helpful to the grade 1 classes dismissing at the bottom of the stairs if you could go along the portables instead of directly under the main school, at least for the balance of this week, so that classes of students aren’t crossing through a procession of others leaving the school grounds.

As always, thank you for your continued cooperation and support. It was so, so wonderful to see students back in person, with big smiles, and optimism about the year ahead!

Mr. Oliver