Major emergencies – Reunification Procedures

In the event of a major disaster, we will release students to their confirmed pick-up adults in a controlled manner. While this may seem slower, it is critical that we know who has picked up each child, and where they have gone, as our usual lives could be disrupted for several days. Our procedure will be as follows:

  1. Students will evacuate to the field and form ‘islands’ (blue tarps below) of 2 or more classes grouped together.
  2. Staff with positions of special responsibility will set up:
    1. safe perimeter (please respect caution tape)
    2. lock driveway gates
    3. first aid station
    4. shelter (as needed)
    5. latrines (as needed)
    6. parent check-in station (yellow dot)
    7. Runner Station (purple dot)
    8. student release gate (bright green dot)
  3. Greeter staff (pink dots on the map below) will take up stations to guide parents.
  4. Parents/adults collecting students will line up along the south side of the school.
  5. At the Check-in Gate (yellow dot beside Portable 5), adults will confirm their ID (always carry your ID) and get a release slip for all students they are authorized to collect (their own, siblings, cousins, neighbours). Their destination after collecting the students will be recorded.
    1. our goal is to get students collected and out of the weather as quickly as possible.
    2. students will not be released to someone who is not on their Emergency Reunification Form
  6. Reunify students with adults
    1. Collecting adults will move down the portable wall to the runners’ station (purple dot) and hand a staff member their release slip.
    2. Staff runners will go into the classes and collect the students, then bring them to the Reunification Station (bright green dot on the south end of the fields).
    3. At the same time, the collecting adults will move down the fence to meet the runners and students at the Reunification Station (bright green dot).
    4. Staff will keep the Reunification Slips.
  7. Adults and students they have collected will go home, heading out to the Township sidewalk first, so as to not interfere with the line-up of waiting parents.
  8. If an adult arrives to find that their students have already been collected by another authorized adult, they will be given information as to their child’s whereabouts.

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