School Supplies 2019-2020

May 28, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians of Kindergarten – Grade 5 for September 2019

Re: Supplies for September 2019

For the coming school year, rather than giving a school supplies list to families, students entering grades K to 5 classes will be using a school supply fee model.

There will be a classroom supplies fee of;

  • $50 per K-3 student
  • $70 per grade 4-5 student.
  • Recurring payments will be available. Payment information will be sent home in September.

This will cover the entire year’s supplies for all student class materials. This supply fee takes the place of the individual supply lists. (Please note: field trips, special projects, or other activities may cost extra. The school supply fee is for student classroom supplies only.)

These supplies are kept communally in the classroom as well as supplies for special in-class activities.  It is much easier and better for the classroom and student if families participate in the school program rather than shop on their own.

There are three reasons this method is preferred:

  1. It is a much more consistent teaching and learning environment when all the children are using the same materials and tools.
  2. Many supplies are hard to find, and it will make your children’s learning easier if they have the proper materials.
  3. Since we buy in bulk this allows us to purchase items at a discounted price and lets the money go further.

Some of these items are consumable, these will not be returned at the end of the year.

**Parents need to supply a pair of runners that their child can put on and fasten by his/herself for gym.  Please no black soles.  An extra pair of socks, underwear and clothing for emergencies is necessary for your child.  These items should be stored in a clearly labeled zip-lock bag.

Please do not send payment now. Payment information will be sent home in September.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if more information is required.


Mr. Leung –


(please note that Mr. Leung is retiring at the end of this school year and our new Principal in September is Mr. Sean Oliver.)