Bulldog Boastings

  • Happy New Year! January 31, 2022- We would like to take a moment today to recognize the Lunar New Year! This is a very important celebration among many Asian cultures. In China it is called Spring Festival, South Korea it is called Seollal (see·ow·luhl), and in Vietnam it is called Tet. The Lunar New Year is usually celebrated for multiple days—beginning... Read more »
  • Let there be light! January 26, 2022- Some of our grade 1s got caught experimenting with light today. What happens if light goes through the prism? What happens when I change the light’s distance away? Or how bright it is? Or what shape the light makes? Look at my shadow! Look! You can see my blood!
  • The Terrifying Chicken! October 29, 2021- We had an unexpected and terrifying visitor on the field today, the last school day before Halloween!  
  • How many seeds on a sunflower? September 29, 2021- Well? How many do you think? On a big sunflower? A small one? Ms. Connolly’s class were working first on estimation and then on systematic counting today, as they dissected a sunflower. Initial estimates ranged from the low hundreds to 3092 and beyond. After they committed to an estimate, students worked to come up with... Read more »
  • Volcano! June 8, 2021- Miss Gard’s students showed me their excellent landform projects today. They built everything from ponds to plains, from canyons to caves, and from valleys to volcanoes. I was impressed when they could tell me why they had placed things where they did, and how some of those interacted. One student described beautifully how valleys belong... Read more »
  • It’s not a math drill! April 16, 2021- Sorry, bad pun. Mrs. Makaroff’s class have been learning about some woodworking this year. Right now, they’re making pencil holders for themselves out of cedar. They prepare and then decorate a block of wood, plan their pencil holding spots, and then use a drill press to make perfect spaces for the pencils. They connected this... Read more »
  • Dirty Learning April 16, 2021- Ms. Desjardins’ class took advantage of the spectacular weather and our nearby greenway, and got outside to do some learning this week. The went out together, fully equipped for learning about matter – what is living and what is non-living – and for describing the objects they found. They also planned their trip around lunchtime... Read more »
  • Extra! Extra! Read all about it! March 13, 2021- Our grade 5s have made a newspaper, The New Bark Times. Well, news electrons and pixels, I guess. As part of their learning in the Learning Commons this term, they’ve built a wide-ranging e-book filled with spotlights on staff, student art, book reviews, news bits and more. There are comics which kids will understand better... Read more »
  • Multicultural Day February 27, 2021- Every year before this one, Richard Bulpitt Elementary has had an amazing Multicultural Day where family members and students work together and showcase the many diverse cultures that form our wonderful learning community. Obviously, with COVID-19, we couldn’t put hundreds of people in the gym for such an event. One class of this year’s grade... Read more »
  • Diversity & Respect February 27, 2021- At RBE, we are lucky to be an incredibly diverse community of learners. Throughout last week, we learned together about diversity in family structure, history, and culture. We shared languages, found common interests and celebrated differences. We talked about all the different ways we can be different, and how fantastic that is! We read books... Read more »

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