COVID-19 Physical Education Lessons

Our PE specialist, Ms. Ho, has prepared this resource for you to use in your Physical Activity while learning from home. It also has lots of good information about healthy living.

Outdoor activities

Here are a couple of activities you can do outside to help stay active. Remember, it’s super-important to keep moving and active to stay healthy. Just remember to maintain your safe social distances.

Active Scavenger Hunt

Health Habits & Goal Setting

Goal Tracker

Use this form to register your goals with Ms. Ho.

Message to Parents/Guardians:

In addition to engaging students in daily physical activity, the Physical and Health Education curriculum has a focus on wellbeing and connection. As such, the Health Habits Fact Sheet and accompanying Health Habits Tracker (attached) were created as starting points for building health awareness and routine into the day. With parental support and guidance, this can be useful for elementary students of all levels.

At this time, this is optional work and will not contribute to your child’s grade. It is intended as a guide to open up conversations about their health and wellbeing. You may work at your own pace through these topics, or pick and choose what best suits your child’s needs.

The Health Habits Tracker can be replicated and used daily as a journal, or as a week long experiment to see how different factors can affect one’s well being. For intermediate students, these concepts will be extended in subsequent lessons and worksheets in the upcoming weeks (also optional).

If you have any questions, I can be reached through email at

Ms. Ho

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