Virtual Family Sports Day 2020

Virtual Family Sports Day 2020

Well, we couldn’t do our Sports Day the normal way, but we can sure do it somehow.

As a family, take some time to participate in any or all of these events. We’ve tried to choose events that can be completed indoors or out, and that use only materials you are likely to have at home. Some of these we have borrowed, and others are pure Bulldog creativity! You may have to improvise with some parts, but that’s the joy of this sort of Sports Day: you can do whatever you need to do to make it work for you. Make sure you have fun, include as many family members as you can, and if you want (and have parent permission), share photos of your experience in the comments section on the school facebook page.

Water Cup Challenge – By Ms. Ho

Stay hydrated!

The Sock Game – By Mr. Arthurs

The Egg & Spoon Race – By Ms. Arora & Mrs. Bechtel

Cup Flip – By Ms. Rai & special guest

Chalk Obstacle Course – By Ms. McLeod and Ms. Arora.

Click here You’ll need to sign into your Office365 account to view. That’s the same username and password as you used for Teams meetings during the remote learning months.

Dress Up Relay – By Mrs. Huber

Clean up your laundry when you finish!

Pop Can Trap – By Mr. Gillion & his kids

Ball & Cups – By Ms. Gaudreault & Ms. Friesen

Paper Plane Target Toss – By Mr. Oliver

Making these videos makes me really appreciate how difficult an actor’s work is to portray something vividly on screen.

We can’t send you virtual Freezies, so you’ll have to do those yourself, but we do have the…

The Cookie Monster – By Ms. Bechtel & Ms. Chan

You’ve probably worked up an appetite by now…

Shoe Balance Challenge

Two words: Leg Cramp!

Sock Ball Skee-Ball

Paper Ball Trick Shot Challenge

If the Shoe Fits…

The Towel Flip Challenge