Medical Information

If your child has a life threatening illness such as Anaphaylaxis, please read the attached information about Anaphaylaxis and fill out  attached forms.  The Langley School District has updated its procedures on administrating medicines and EpiPens.

If your child must have medication of any type, including over-the-counter drugs, antibiotics, prescriptions, in most circumstances, medication (eg antibiotics) prescribed three times a day can be taken at home – before school, after school and before bedtime.

The office is a very busy place and if possible please try and make other arrangements for your student’s medications.  If this is not an option you may fill out the attached REQUEST FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION.

School personnel will not administer any medication to students unless they have received a medication form properly completed and, and the medication has been received in an appropriately labeled container.

If you have any questions please contact the school.

Admin. of Medication 

Medical Alert-Elem-Middle

Parent – ANAPHYLAXIS Implementation Guide

Volunteer Driver

If you are going to be driving students for a field trip or activity please fill out the Volunteer Driver form and we also we also need to photocopy your driver’s license and current Car Insurance Policy.  If you can please bring in copies as the office does not always have time to copy everyone’s on the day of a field trip.
Volunteer Driver Primary

Emergency Contact Information

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us.  It its the parents’ responsibility to make sure the school has up-to-date emergency contact information.  If you have changed your phone numbers or have moved please update your contact information on our website or email